Urgent Donations Needed!

Medical supplies and equipment save and enhance lives, but only if they get to the people that need them.  Your support is crucial to sustain donated and low cost items for our communities.

Please Donate Today!

Thank your for your generousity.
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Donations are tax deductible as Collaboration Works is a 501C3.


Send a check to:

Collaboration Works
1412 Iron St.
Kansas City, MO 64116

 You can also visit in person....

Peggy is normally on location Thursday from 4pm to 6pm &
Saturday from 11am to 1pm.

We're always in need of volunteers as well.  Call Peggy for details.

The Wish List
  • Vehicle Maintenance

  • Markers

  • Weed Killer

  • Trash Bags

  • Clear Containers